It’s true that bad credit mortgage loans are notoriously hard to get; there is no mortgage category that is “mortgage loans for bad credit.”  Bad credit is simply frowned upon in the mortgage lending industry.  To get one in today’s day and age, you’ll need to improve your credit.  You don’t want to be stuck getting personal loans for people with bad credit forever, do you?

It would be nice to have an excellent credit score – but that’s just not where you’re at.  So what to do?

Well, you can visit a bad credit mortgage loan lender who specializes in bad credit home mortgage loans or even bankruptcy mortgage loans, and your chances of getting mortgage loans with bad credit will improve.  However, by “bad credit,” they still mean credit that is relatively good.  Bad credit, when used in the phrase “bad credit mortgage loan,” does not mean awful credit.  If you have truly bad credit, you will find yourself unable to get a mortgage loan.

Here are some simple things to do which will help with credit fix solutions to improve your credit:

Pay your bills on time – You’ll need to pay all of your bills on time, and you’ll need to keep this up forever.  This is the single most important part of your credit score.  You can have a good (but not excellent) score with just this facet.  If you have all the other facets in order, but you pay your bills late (or not at all) sometimes, your credit will be bad.

Keep your revolving balances below seven percent – Do not charge more on your personal lines of credit or credit cards than seven percent of your credit limit.  The more you charge, the riskier you appear to lenders.  They consider you to, in that case, have bad credit management skills.  Some will argue and say that you should keep your balances below thirty percent, but the truth is that there is no set number.  However, FICO scoring will tell you on your report that high achievers keep their balances below seven percent.  So, for all practical purposes, seven is the magic percentage number.

Keep your total installment and automobile loans below one thousand dollars – You don’t want to owe too much, and FICO scores are highest when you do not owe more than a thousand dollars on non-revolving non-mortgage accounts.

Keep a variety of credit open – It is better to have an installment loan and a credit card than two credit cards.  Variety is key.

If you do these things for a year or two, your credit score will dramatically improve.  Then, you won’t be looking for a bad credit home loan mortgage or bankruptcy loans, but a regular mortgage along with those of us with good credit.  Simply put, bad credit mortgage loans are just not possible to attain.  So, rather than continuing to seek an easy way out (there is none), face the fact that you are just going to put some time in and improve your credit score.  Once you do that, life will be a lot less stressful.