If you are looking for a credit fix, unfortunately there is no easy solution.  But, you can fix your credit score if you work at it.

How to really fix your credit

So, you’re in debt up to your neck, and you cannot figure out how to fix bad credit.  Fixing bad credit starts out with paying your bills on time.  This is the most important thing by far.  You want a one sentence, easy answer on how to fix credit?  Pay your bills on time.  You can do everything else in this article, but if you don’t pay your bills on time, your credit will still be terrible.  You can do nothing else in this article but this, and your credit score will be good.

So then, you might be wondering what the point of the other stuff is.  You may just be thinking, “I just want to know how to fix my credit, and you told me that if I pay my bills on time, my score will be good.”  While this is true, the other stuff will help you achieve an excellent credit score.  This guide is all you need to get the perfect credit fix.  There is no need to Google “fix credit score” any longer, for everything you need is here.

Keep revolving credit balances below 7%

Revolving balances are your credit cards and lines of credit.  You definitely want to keep it below a certain number, but this number is debatable.  Many different financial institutions have hinted at different numbers, and the main number out there is 30%.  However, if you pull your credit report, it will tell you that one of the things keeping your credit score low is having too much revolving debt if you are only below 30%!  It says that high achievers keep their balances below 7%.  So should you.  Try to stay away from easy to get credit cards, because you may get sucked into their high fees and end up messing up your credit even more.

Keep non-revolving non-mortgage loans down below $1,000

This isn’t always possible, we understand, but do it if you can.  Pay down your bills, and pay them quickly.  If your credit is good, this will happen in time.  If your credit is bad, start paying down extra – you need all the help you can get.  Don’t consider buying anything that requires an additional loan because bad credit mortgage loans have very high interest rates, which would just make it more difficult to pay down your current loans.  But you get that, I’m sure.


Wait, wait, and wait.  Keep doing the rules above, and you will find yourself in very good shoes.  In time you could even have an excellent credit score.  This takes time, and good credit history takes time to build.  It actually is part of your score, so you’ll need patience.  Do this all, and you’ll have an excellent credit score.