Whether you are planning a wedding, a family vacation, or you just need to pay off debts, you can find money in unusual places. Take a look around and take stock. What have you been collecting all of these years? What collections have been passed down to you? What is just sitting there collecting dust?

When was the last time you really cleared the clutter and downsized?

Coming up with extra cash isn’t as hard as you think if you are willing to let loose of some of that stuff you’ve been hoarding. Here are four ways you can make money with found items laying around your home today.

1. eBay and Craigslist Are Your Friends: If you, like most people, have boxes of this and that stored in your closets, basement, and/or garage (maybe you even have an actual storage shed) then it’s time to do an inventory and start paring things down.

Do you still have wedding or other received gifts that you have never (or rarely) used sitting on shelves? What about excess furniture and electronics? Putting items like this on eBay and Craig’s List can bring a quick sale and quick cash.

2. Dealers: If you are harboring antiques you may want to have them professionally appraised and consider selling them. Antiques can bring in a big haul. It’s OK to clean up your pieces before an appraisal, but don’t refinish, repair, or otherwise alter anything, if you do you run the risk of lowering any potential value of the pieces.

Some antiques are worth more than others. Don’t get your hopes up too high on any one particular piece. Many people have been surprised and disappointed when they find out something isn’t worth as much as they had thought or hoped. On the flip side, you may have a few things you don’t even know are worth thousands and maybe more.

3. Yard Sale:

After you have all the big stuff appraised and listed it’s time to have a garage or yard sale. If you live in an apartment or condo you need to get permission from the management and be sure you are clear on what part of your yard/balcony/deck or common area you can use. You may have to do it inside your apartment.

Be sure to put everything out in an organized manner. People will buy more if it is clean and organized. Good Housekeeping magazine has some great tips for putting together a successful yard sale.

4. Collections: Collectable currency (coins, silver certificates, gold, silver, etc.), stamp collections (like the one your grandpa gave you that’s been sitting in a box in the attic for decades), and other collectibles; like dolls, Beanie Babies, action figures, memorabilia, etc., can bring in a pretty penny. Can you imagine getting hundreds of pennies in exchange for a single penny? It’s possible. How many nickels do you have laying around that may be worth 500 times (or more) their face value? What about that silver serving set that you never use?

Coming up with cash can be challenging, but with an open mind and open eyes you will have a much better outlook to get creative.