For people in the market for homeowners insurance, they may be confused about what the difference is between a home insurance broker and a home insurance agent. Although they both deal with the same thing, home owners insurance, they are definitely not the same job, and they often operate in different ways.

A home insurance agent usually will only work for one company. They will try to sell you just the home owner insurance from their company, since that is who they work for. They are often recruited because of their sales experience, and the company hopes that they will be able to get more sales for their company.

Home insurance brokers, like car insurance brokers, are different though, because they can represent multiple companies, and they often try to find the cheapest homeowners insurance for you by offering various home insurance quotes from different companies, allowing you to compare home insurance. They will help you to find cheap home insurance that works for you. Since they aren’t tied to one company, they are basically working for you trying to get you the best coverage that you need for the best price for your homeowner insurance policy.

Tips For Finding a Good Home Insurance Broker

1. Have People Recommend One – A great way to find home insurance brokers is the ask your family and friends, and even people you work with, to recommend who they use. If you trust someone’s opinion, then you can often find some of the best results.

2. Make Sure They Are Properly Licensed – Be sure to get proof of their license, and check with your state to insurance that they are properly licensed. You do not want to work with someone who isn’t licensed, because if something goes wrong, you don’t have much recourse.

3. Interview Them – Interview them, and see if they are a good match, even before you dive into a home insurance comparison. If they seem shady to you, or other red flags come up, it’s best to just walk away. There are plenty of home insurance brokers out there who can give you a home insurance quote, who won’t have red flags.

Now you know the difference between a home insurance agent and a home insurance broker. And if you are not only a home owner, but a courageous, new business owner as well, you may want to consider one of the many different commercial insurance brokers for your business insurance needs, or a car insurance broker for your car.  But hopefully these tips will help you to find just the right home owners insurance policy you need.