If you’ve hurt your credit, and are wanting to turn that negative cycle around, then searching for how to fix bad credit is a great place to start. While negative actions caused your credit score to go down, fixing bad credit just takes a history of positive actions (and no more negative actions) from here on out. I will walk you through some of the steps to help you fix bad credit ratings and what I did to repair my credit.

The first step that I took to fix my bad credit was to obtain a  tri merge credit report from the credit bureaus. Then, I looked over it carefully and to see if any mistakes were there causing my low credit score.  There weren’t any mistakes, just glaring mistakes I made along the way in my credit history.  You can do this too, and if you find any such mistakes contact the credit bureau and explain to them the error. That will go a long way to help you to fix bad credit report problems.

The most popular reason for having a low credit score is by not paying off outstanding debts, especially any that may be late. Pay those that are late first, especially any of those unsecured personal loans for people with bad credit, if you have any. Then pay the debts with the highest rate of interest first. Some methods suggest that you pay the smallest debt off first, but that’s not always the best route. If you want to fix bad credit score problems, accumulating more debt with the higher interest rate debts is not a good idea, that’s why I recommend that you pay those debts off first.  Paying off your debt is a great credit fix method.  Some credit repair companies may even call you as a credit repair lead if you filled out a form on a website, and your information was submitted.  Some of these companies may be able to help you, but watch out that you don’t get taken for a ride.  Some companies are out to scam you.

If you are completely overwhelmed by your debt, and you really can’t see any way out without assistance, then contact a credit counselor. They can help you to negotiate payment plans that can fit your budget, and you’ll often end up paying less overtime. But, this can negatively impact your credit in the short term (not as long as bankruptcy does, but you’d be better overall not going to a credit counselor unless you have to).  Despite claims on commercials, they won’t be able to erase bad credit for you, but they can work to get your debts paid off with a solid legal credit repair plan that you’ve had help designing.

There really is no way to quickly fix bad credit, but if you work to start paying off your debts, and then start establishing a good credit history by using your credit card and paying it off immediately, you too can get back to having a good credit score.  Credit restoration is definitely possible, but it takes dedication.