Setting up your business phone number establishes your business credit with the suppliers, creditors and lenders as they authenticate your phone listing during the verification process. A non-listed phone number raises a red flag and may lead to a credit rejection.

You can look into different alternatives while setting up a phone line. Ensure that the phone line can be listed in the 411 directory. There are services that can assist you in listing cell phone numbers in the local 411 directories at a fee.

Review the below mentioned options before selecting a phone line.

Local Phone Line – A local phone line is a dependable source of communication. Carriers like Comcast offer unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling, 3-way conference calling, voice mail and several other features for $24 per month. Some companies offer bundled services that include fax, internet, and web hosting. Ensure your carrier adds the phone line to the 411 database once it is set. Dial your area code followed by 555-1212 to verify the listing of the phone line.

Virtual Phone Line – A “virtual number” is a number that forwards incoming calls to a secondary line or to a cell phone. It is not directly connected to a phone line. Services like Ring Central, Vonage and eVoice offer plans at a reasonable rare for virtual phone lines.

Toll Free Phone Number – A toll free phone number creates a bigger corporate image for your business. Companies such eVoice, as Ring Central, and Onebox offer toll-free/local numbers for $10 per month. NOTE: If you’re in the UK, you can buy 0800 numbers with anytime.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – Voice over the Internet Protocol allows you to place free calls with standard internet connection. Providers like Lingo will list your phone number in the 411 directory as a part of their service.

Mobile Phone –If you decide to use your cell phone as the key business phone number then ensure it is used only of business purposes, answer all calls by using the business name and set up the voice mail in your company name. You will need to pay a monthly fee to list your cell phone number in the directory.

Ensure your phone line is listed with 411 once you have a dedicated phone number. Remember to set the voice mail in your business name and answer the incoming forwarded calls with your business name.

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