How are you with managing your money? Have you sat down and written out all your bills you have each month and then how much income you bring in each month? Do you keep track of your transactions in your checkbook? On any given day, do you know how much money you have in your bank account?

Strong money management skills are essential not only to keep track of money, but to save money as well. Simply knowing where your money is going and when will avoid late fees and possible overdrafts from your bank account. Whether you are managing your own income, your household’s income or even a small business, keeping track of your money is a must. Fortunately, now there are several financial apps that can help you. is a free app that has a strong reputation for its promptness and security. This app is available on the web, android, or your iPhone. This app will let you view your bank account, credit cards, loans and investment accounts. You can set up your personal budget, and when you buy something, Mint automatically categorizes it. Mint will also alert you if you are about to go over your budget.


Adaptu is also a free app and is known as more of a “virtual wallet” since it keeps track of your loyalty programs, your spending and even lets you take pictures of and store images of your insurance cards, social security card, etc. With this app, you can design your budget and keep track of your bills with the bill tracking section. Adaptu also offers a community area where you can view articles about budgeting and financial organization.


Pageonce is the only mobile app where you can complete transactions, and only charges 30 cents per transaction. This is a good app for the person who doesn’t like automatic bill pays. In addition, Pageonce will keep track of your budget, spending, investment, and loan transaction balances.


Doxo is an app that not only manages your money, but organizes your household expenses. Doxo refers to their app as “your online filing cabinet” which is a good description of what they offer. They say that if it’s in your filing cabinet, you can use it on this app. This app is good at organizing large amounts of content, which could be good if your real filing cabinet is a mess.


This app is available on the web or on your iPhone. This app will not only track your expenses and budget, but will give you professional guidance in the area of budgeting. It is designed by financial advisors and will help you improve your financial situation. This is more detailed than simple budgeting tips.

Whether you just want to keep track of your money and expenses or if you need a little more help, these five apps offer just the assistance you need. Pick one that you think will meet your financial needs and download it today. With money management comes freedom!

This is a guest post by Chase Heckendorn, Co-Founder of