Never heard of a “tri-merge credit report?”  Below all will be explained – not to worry!  And if you have heard or used one before, then maybe you’ll glean something you didn’t know from this post.





Most people will hear this term when they begin searching for a home loan. Basically put, the term tri-merge credit report means that your credit will be checked three times. This is often done by a potential creditor in order to make an informed decision related to if a person will be able to repay the loan that he or she is asking for. This is a great way for a lender to help ensure that they will get their money back.

Now, when the creditor begins this type of a credit report they are going to go to three different places, or companies, in order to get your credit scores. Once they have completed this step they will add your three scored together and then they will take an average. The number that they come up with will help them make the final decision related to if your loan will be rejected or if you will get it.

You may want to take a few moments in order to look at your credit score before you decide to make any really large purchases. By doing so, you will be able to identify any possible issues and then find positive ways to fix them. You will be increasing your credit score before the company has an opportunity to do this type of a credit check on you. You may find out that credit fix done early will definitely help you get the item you were seeking in the first place.

If you do not understand why your credit score is as low as it is then you should definitely ask questions about it. This is your right and the credit company is required to tell you what some of the problems are. It might also be a great idea to ask them what you can do in order to help increase your score so that you will have better credit.

The tri-merge credit report can help you determine what you need to do to improve your credit, by finding out where you stand and your credit history. Call potential lenders and ask them if they do this type of a credit check. If they do you will be able to get things in order before you apply. You will be glad that you did when you get that loan you were after.

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    • minka kelly

      Looking for a home loan requires hard work, especially if our credit score is bad. We need to know our credit position to get combined report from the three credit reporting bureaus. If we find that our credit score is bad, we need to fix first. After a good, just applying for loans. That’s the essence of your post I read.. Thank you.

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