Nothing can be more stressful than needing money in a hurry when you know you just don’t have it, or know where to get it. It can affect your work, relationships and your emotional wellbeing. The instant you have that ‘I need money now’ thought or feeling, take a deep breath and a pen and paper and start listing your options. The only way to get things clear in your mind at times like this is when they are black and white in front of you.

Here are a couple of common options to get you out of a money rut in a hurry, not all will be suitable for you but it will give you a place to start:

Speak with your close family members about the difficulty you are having. Explain to them that if they would be willing to help you out then you could draw up a contract and a repayment plan that you could both agree to before they handover the money. The contract does not need to be much, just a simple outline of who is lending the money, how much and when it is to be repaid in full by. It may also pay to put in something about what will happen if that debt it not repaid by the specified date – eg you will start to pay them interest or look for alternative methods of finance to repay them. This may seem like overkill when borrowing from family, but nothing can cause a family breakdown like money can so make sure you all go into it with your eyes wide open and cover all possibilities.

Selling your own personal property is a good way to answer the ‘I need money now’ problem. Before you start listing everything you own on Craigslist take a moment to think about what you are selling. Don’t sell anything with sentimental value if at all possible; you’ll only regret it later. Good things to consider selling are unused furniture items, clothes, kitchenware or electronics. These are all material items you can live without and can replace one day when you get back on your feet. Make sure your listing is simple and urges and urgent sale – and wait for the buyers to make contact. Alternatively you could take your goods to a second hand or used furniture store, often you won’t earn as much for your goods but you can still get money fast.

These are by no means your only options, although they are often better than quick cash loans like payday loans which can end up costing you. Next time you find yourself thinking ‘I need money now’ know that it is not the end of the world and you have more options than you think, you just need to take a moment to explore them all.