Applying for a loan can be hectic, but it helps to have a few things in order before applying. In addition, to having a good credit score, banks like to see potential borrowers have some money in savings.

This money shows a bank or broker that a potential borrower has some financial stability, as well as the means to make a down payment, future payments, and pay for incidental expenses of the object being borrowed for.

Because of the importance of being able to show some savings when applying for a loan, it is important for future borrowers to save some money. Try these tips to save money before applying for a loan.

1. Cut back on expenses.

Since you’ll only need to save for a few months, cut out anything that isn’t a necessity. Eliminate eating out, trips, and even purchases such as alcohol and cigarettes.

2. Start with the home.

If you have already made as many cuts as you think you can, it’s time to start working on utilities. Turn off lights, turn down your temperature in the winter and turn it up in the summer. Water your lawn less often. Cancel premium cable channels, and consider cutting cable altogether for a few months until you have what you need in savings.

3. Sell some stuff.

Getting a second job is fairly time consuming, but odds are there is something around your house you can sell online or in a garage sale. If you have nothing, consider making baked goods, salsa, or sauce to sell to friends or at a farmer’s market. Take the money you earn from your sale and deposit it directly into your savings account.

4. Eat out of your pantry for a while.

Avoid going to the grocery store as long as possible, and put the money you save into savings. This will give you a few hundred dollars that you will be able to keep in savings for a few weeks. Watch grocery sale ads closely and plan your meals around food that you can find cheaply if you need to save money for a longer period of time.

5. Make your own cleaning products.

Over the course of a year, the typical American family spends over $700 on commercial cleaners. Make your own from vinegar, salt, and lemon juice in order to save some money.

BONUS – 6. Cut out snacks.

Eliminating junk food and sodas from your diet is healthy, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars a month. Simply switching to water instead of soda or tea could save you over $100 a month. Check to see if your healthcare plan offers a discount for a healthier diet or weight loss, and use this as a way to save on both the cost of food and on your healthcare expenses.