Dealing with bankruptcy such as personal bankruptcy is without a doubt one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in during adulthood. As you see your biggest priority as debt management you can often easily overlook other parts of your life. If you are declaring yourself bankrupt it is easy to loose focus on what is usually very important to you. By doing this you are actually making the whole process more difficult and possibly risking long term damage to your mental state, your emotions and your relationships with others.

First and foremost you need to look after yourself, physically and emotionally. Even though you may be declaring yourself bankrupt there must be funds available so you can enjoy a healthy diet. Ensure you are eating some fresh fruit and vegetables each day and find some recipes that utilize low cost staple items like rice, chickpeas and lentils for example. Use spices and dried herbs to flavor dishes instead of expensive ready made sauces. Make a weekly meal plan so you are not tempted to grab convenience food at the last minute. While giving up expensive luxury food items is a great idea, don’t give up on a healthy diet. It is easy to do in stressful situations but the benefit of a good healthy diet during these times gives your body the energy it needs to cope.

Time alone with your thoughts might seem a bit scary for some people, especially when you are going through rough times. A little time spent alone reflecting on what you do have, rather than what you don’t have, can lift your spirits. Make a list of the things you are grateful for in your life, from the smallest things like having a warm bed to sleep in to the big stuff like having good health. Add to the list daily and read over it several times throughout the day, keep a copy of the list in your pocket or handbag to refer to anytime you start to feel down on yourself. This little exercise can reduce and eliminate many negative thoughts and can help keep a healthy positive mind during the bankruptcy process.

While time alone to reflect is important, sharing with a trusted friend, family member, colleague, counselor or therapist can be extremely beneficial if you claim bankruptcy. Make sure you choose to share with someone who can be honest and caring, who respects your privacy and who is happy to listen. It may not be your bankruptcy you discuss but your feelings surrounding it or your plans for the future. Sometimes a friendly chat or laugh about something completely unrelated can boost your emotional state like nothing else could. Its talks like these that can increase your confidence and clarity to help you deal with your confronting situation.

Don’t lose touch with your friends and family. If you wish to maintain relationships with these people after you’ve dealt with your financial issues or money problems then they will require constant work throughout the process. This doesn’t mean you have to tell them every detail about what you are going through, however honesty is the best policy with a true friend. Let them know you are going through a rough time and would appreciate their support, but would also appreciate their understanding in you keeping it a private matter. Good friends will not hesitate in offering all the support they can give if you are this honest with them. The ones who don’t may simply not be the friends you thought they were. Spend time with them, don’t miss out on your usual catch up’s because of your bankruptcy. Use it as an escape if you need to and a chance to recharge your batteries. It will all make you stronger and more capable of dealing with the bankruptcy.

In the end declaring yourself bankrupt does not mean the end of the world. A healthy mind and body can deal with anything, anything at all. So focus on achieving that and you’ll find the power you need to pull though this with success.