Financial Planning Tips is about any personal finance topic under the sun – from budgeting & saving, to debt management – to investing and retirement.  You name it – we here at FPT will write about it.

So why FPT?  Started by your average-Joe working class guy – I learned early on the benefits of saving and managing money my money well.  I’ve also learned perseverance and hard work will pay in making  a steady income or starting your own business.   So one day I simply decided that I should share what I’ve learned about managing my finances to help others manage their money, grow it, and get out of debt.   I was fortunate to have an early and formative experience through a summer job I had in my early teens that taught me how to manage my money well.  I’m by no means a rich guy, but I’ve never had a problem with money or been short of it.  So why not learn how you can never be short on money again and be on the path to financial comfort and possibly freedom?  Well, I’m glad you’ve stopped by, and hope you are too!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified financial planner or investment professional.  Therefore, this blog is only intended for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a financial professional before making any decisions.

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Best of luck on your financial journey!

-FPT Guy