Most people are trying to get the best possible deal by finding the cheapest cell phone plan that will also give then the best coverage and service for their dollar. Despite what many people think, going with a traditional contract based cell phone service is often the best if you’re trying to organize your wallet and cut costs, even for those of you looking for cell phones for bad credit. This is due to the fact that you often get many more features and additional benefits like having free nights and weekends with unlimited talking and often other unlimited features as well such as texting, 411 usage, ring tones, and mobile web use.

One of the more affordable choices you can go with is cricket cell phones, which have cell phone plans that are as low as $30 per month which give you all the unlimited features mentioned above. This plan will give you unlimited texting, calling, and other features not only in the United States but also in Mexico too. However, this is a regional-based plan for those who do not have to make any one distance calls, and if that’s the kind of service you’re looking for this maybe the plan for you. Your other option with cricket phones is to go with their $40 per month plan which will enable you to make long-distance calls to anywhere within the continental US with Alaska being the exception. This plan will also give you unlimited picture messaging on top of the standard features.

Whatever cell phone plan service you decide to go with make sure you do plenty of research well in advance so that you can get the best possible deal. You can often find many coupons and deals online which you can use toward your final purchase to make things even cheaper. Also be sure to read plenty of user reviews you can see which model phone is the most appropriate relative to the features and services that you want to get. I generally reccomend checking out cnet for all of their top notch reviews that not only cover cell phone models specifically, but they will also touch on the specific details of the networks and service plans they work with. By going over those details you can make sure you get the cheapest possible service but also get the most optimum quality phone and functionality for your buck, and thus allow you to control your finances and put it towards savings or investing.