Many find that once retirement approaches, they are terrified for their financial future. It can be the end of an established income, as well as benefits and insurance; however, the more you prepare beforehand, the easier it will be to feel at ease when you are finally retired.

Probably the best way to prepare for the day is to set up a savings plan, IRS approved, that you will be able to contribute to over a long span of time until you are able to utilize it. Even over the past ten years, there have been many changes in our economic situation and how retirees are handled federally.

A large percentage of retirees were able to increase their total wealth, there are still some who have been subjected to a complete loss. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which category of individuals you will belong to.

Twenty-one percent of this same group lost fifty percent of their wealth, meaning that half of the money that they had worked so hard for was gone quickly. As you age, you will most likely need to pay for more medical bills, as well as other normal items like mortgages and living fees; if you have not prepared carefully for this, there is a chance that you could lose a lot of your funds paying for them.

Infinite banking is a creative option to help prepare for retirement
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Because of this fact, you should definitely plan ahead and create some kind of fund that will take care of you and your loved ones, as well as eliminate unnecessary debt that you have been carrying around for years. Tax shelters have been utilized frequently in the past, but as time goes on it is realized that they are not as safe of a plan as one would think.

Believe it or not, federal taxes on income are the lowest that they have been in many years, according to the percentage compared to the average income. However, the country is in debt by over sixty trillion dollars, and this number is steadily growing.

When you think about it, really the only logical way that the country can decrease this debt is by laying higher and more extensive taxes on the citizens themselves. You and your family may not be affected now, but there is a chance that you could be not too far off in the future.

American society has a completely different view of how to save than it has experienced in the past. The citizens of the United States, as well as the government, needs to take a step back and really try to find other measures to save and get out of debt; otherwise, we could experience many financial problems as a country and unit.

You can prepare for your future by saving funds, in safer investment options like certificates of deposit with jumbo CD rates outside of what is already placed for you into a 401k or other type of savings account. The government has enacted a plan that allows individuals to save their retirement through their own type of plan or funding; those that are interested in maintaining their comfort and monetary status may want to research or look into this type of account.

You may have the opportunity to be guaranteed your earnings by one hundred percent, since this amount will be managed by a private institution, as opposed to the public institution of the United States government. After you have passed, the funds that are left over will be transferred to your heirs and those that you name in your will without them having to suffer through taxes.

Unfortunately, there are many insurance agents that are misinformed and do not know how to save you the proper amount that you are due. It is important to seek help from someone that you trust who is informed and really understands the benefits of specific retirement systems.

Being responsible means preparing ahead of time for this stage of your life, as opposed to waiting until a few years before you are set to retire. Implementing a private retirement fund may help you to avoid extra fees and taxes and avoid a large reduction in your funds.

Your future is important, not only for the security and wellness of yourself, but your family. Prepare now to be secure and safe in your finances through the planning and implementing of a private retirement plan and savings account!

Another thing to consider is a new method of investing is called “Infinite Banking.” The principal at work here is the idea that there is no reason to give the bank your money and let them make interest off of you; as well as the idea that using the right vehicle you can finance large purchases off of your own interest baring investments, essentially making you your own banker.

Instead, using the infinite banking concept, you store your money in a life insurance policy and pay yourself the interest annuities. When you would pay cash for a car, instead finance the car and put the lump total of cash into the policy. Pay the financing payments out of the policies returns.

The benefit here is that you earn more interest on the cash in the policy than you pay the financier, so in the end you come out money ahead. This is definitely a method to look into. This way you can pay for the things you need and still have more to sock away into your savings.

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    • Bernard

      The funny thing about life insurance, and all financial tools, is that it all depends on how you utilize it. We use Infinite Banking and its outperformed all our other investments: stocks, real estate, hard money lending, etc.

      We create our own bank. Its money is protected from lawsuits. I have control of it and I can access ALL of the cash interest free.

      Oh yeah…and I get the death benefit…that’s the icing on the cake.

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