The best home printers are the printers you want if you are a user that demands perfection. Unlike a typical office printer, which will be printing certain types of jobs and that’s about it, looking for a home printer that may be called on to print anything can leave you feeling blind. There’s simply no way to anticipate what jobs you’ll ask the printer to handle.

This is why you need to be concerned with more than the size of the printer, or how cheap you can get it for, which is what most people would focus on because most would want to save money on home office supplies and equipment. You need a machine that is ready for anything, from thesis papers to greeting cards, or invitations or printers. And since the machine isn’t going to be making you money, you need it to be affordable too, both the cost of the printer itself and the price of the printer ink to refill it.

There are countless models of printers on the market, and they can be found in almost any price range. There are budget machines that are perfect for someone’s first printer or occasional printing, and there are expensive printers that can be anything to anybody in your home. You could consider laser printers, although most home users choose inkjet printers instead. Whatever you need the machine to do, don’t doubt that there is a best home printer waiting for you.

Features to Look For

Some of the most varying features include: resolution of the printer, connection type, and the handling of paper in the printer.

Handling of Paper

You also may want to consider a printer that can print on a wide range of paper sizes and types, depending on what you plan on printing. You may want to use photo paper if you print pictures, envelopes, or paper larger than a standard size. The more types of paper you want it to handle, chances are the higher the cost too.


If you’re preparing to print in a bunch of different colors, you need to have a printer with a good resolution. This refers to the number of colored dots that a printer can print in a square inch. This is essential to make good looking prints, especially for photos. Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Canon have built a solid reputation in good printers with high resolution. Of course you can choose between laser or inkjet printers. Laser is great for black and white, and ink may be better for color though you’ll be replacing the printer ink cartridges more often, but it all depends on how much you print and what you are printing – lots of images or lots of documents.

Connection Type

This isn’t just referring to how your computer connections to your printer, though if you have a USB 2.0 port, that’s your best bet. You also may want to consider a printer that can connect to other things, like a flash drive or a memory card. These make printing easier than ever before.