There are many brands and modes of laser printers available for purchase on the market Рwhich makes locating the best one for you a bit difficult. The laser printers not only will accommodate all of your needs, but will also be inexpensive. If you want to purchase one of the best laser printers produced, below is a brief overview of what features are vital and which ones are not worth the money. The best laser printers are simple to locate when you know what you want.

Pages Per Minute (PPM)

The amount of pages per minute is important. A good laser printer will have a high rating in this area. It is essential to remember that if you only need to print a small amount of pages at one time, this will not be very important because a few seconds in time is not truly that noticeable. If you must print large volumes of pages at one time, and many times a day, then try to find a laser printer that is highly rated in this area.


Designs that save space is usually the norm and the best laser printers will have a tiny footprint but have a lot of features. Paper handling is important. Your laser printer should be able to load the paper for printing and envelopes as well.

High Resolution

A good laser printer will have high resolution. If you only print text, this is irrelevant. However, photos and pictures will appear awful unless the printer has a high resolution. A laser jet printer is the best for quality photo printing. Regular laser printers work well for words alone.


Replacing laser printer toner cartridges should not be expensive. Look into the price of toner cartridges and cost per page for the printer you are considering for purchase.


Laser printers need to connect to a computer either through a USB cable or a wireless network. Since most people have a home wireless network, it is wise to buy a laser printer with built in capability.

Do Your Research

To save money and time, make sure to read reviews on the best home printers that you are considering for purchase. Consumer research reports and Amazon customer ratings will help you decide for yourself is the printer is worthwhile or not.