When looking for a cheap car insurance broker, you may be surprised to know that you may not know what a car insurance broker even is.  It does not matter what type of broker you are talking about in insurance; agents and brokers are entirely different.


An insurance broker is someone or an agency that specializes in finding suitable insurance for its customers and finding the lowest monthly car insurance premiums possible with the right plan for the insurance buyer.  he broker may have a considerable number of connections with different insurers, so it can select from among a list.  This allows the broker to suit the needs of its customers better, as it has a high likelihood of finding appropriate coverage when the number of insurers it has connections with is high.

The broker legally represents the customer, not the insurer.  Therefore, if something is wrong with the contract (whether male or female car insurance), or if any fraud is committed, the responsibility comes down upon the customer, not the insurer.  Therefore, any statement made to a broker is not considered to be known to the insurance company, as it was not made directly to them.  You are probably familiar with brokers like a home insurance broker already.

Car insurance brokers come in many different sizes; they can be one person, or they can be a large agency.  You can even find car insurance brokers online to help you find an affordable car insurance policy.  Cheap car insurance brokers may not always be the best, because they may not have the connections available that a bigger, more expensive broker might.


Agents are very similar to brokers as they sell insurance.  However, agents are different.  Agents legally represent the insurer, so anything wrong in the contract is considered to be the insurer’s fault, not the customer’s.  Agents, therefore, represent one company or a group of closely affiliated companies.  Any statement made to them is considered to be known by the insurance company.

There are exclusive agency systems and independent agency systems.  Independent agency systems function very much like brokers in that they have connections with many insurers and have access to their many plans.  The reinsurance commission is usually the same for independent agencies as it is for new insurance; this is to prevent unnecessary switching of insurance plans to get the higher new insurance rate.

Exclusive agencies represent one company or group of closely affiliated companies, so they have limited numbers of plans they can make available to their customers.  For exclusive agencies, the reinsurance commission is lower than that of new insurance, since there is no risk of swapping plans.

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    • For folks who don’t understand the bolts and nuts of insurance, it’s important that you go with an agent even if it might cost you more. For those who know their way around the subject matter, pick the cheaper option.

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