Sometimes important expenses just come out before payday – and you might be left with no choice but to overdraw your bank account, paying multiple fees until your paycheck arrives to reconcile it. This can become rather costly, as many banks will charge a fee for any check that bounces, and on top of that, they will charge a daily overdraw fee until the account is brought back from the negative amount.  You do not have to do this. You can get cash now with a quick cash payday loan – so you do not have to pay exorbitant fees to your bank for overdrawing funds. There are many a check cashing service that provide instant cash advance programs are willing to help you get the cash you need to giving you a payday advance.

Payday advances are also known as payday loans or check cash advances. They can help you out quickly by providing you with cash often on the same day that you apply. These loans are readily available at many specialty financial centers and also online. The applications are usually fast and easy. Plus, many places claim that you can be approved for a cash advance in just an hour. The amount that you can borrow ranges from $100 to $1000. These loans usually come with fees and extremely high interest rates. They are meant to be paid in full immediately after receiving your next paycheck.  You can even get a payday loan in 1 hour – that’s pretty quick for getting cash when you need it in a pinch.

Before applying for a high interest, instant cash loan consider whether you can wait for the cash or if you need cash now. If it is something that can wait until your next payday, then wait. There is no need to risk getting yourself in trouble with one of these expensive loans. However, if the situation is dire and you need the money to keep your utilities connected or to fix your car so you can make it to work, then go ahead and apply for the loan. But make sure you do not borrow more than you can pay back with your next paycheck, such as with a no fax payday loan.  Faxless loans like these are easy to apply for and get approval for online.  If you only need $200 for the auto repair bill or the utility bill, then only borrow $200. Do not opt for $400 just so you can have the extra cash on hand.

Getting cash now with quick unsecured personal loans like payday advances, can be a hazardous decision. Because of their high interest rates and their quick payoff requirements, it is best to not use these services unless there is an urgent need for them.  Check out our reviews of Magnum Cash Advance, Payday Loan Store, and our Payday Loan Yes review.