If you are running low on funds, you may be looking for a check cashing service.  An alternative way of getting quick money would be through a loan, but those require longer term repayment options and interest rates, which may not be your thing.  If you are wanting to get around $1500 quickly, then using a check cash advance service is the way to go.

What is a check cash advance? It is a short term loan than will help you when you have a financial burden or when there is some sort of emergency such as a car accident or a medical bill.  There are no credit checks performed, which can help to speed up the process, get the checks cashed, and getting the money in your hand.  Check advance companies usually have the best check cashing software to help speed up the process for their customers.

How to cash a check for an advance? The companies that provide the check cashing services simply want to know your employment details as well as your banking details.  When you are approved, if you are using a cash check online service, they will wire the money directly to your bank account.  Then you can just use your ATM or go to your bank and get the money out immediately.  But, you will have a limited time to pay the money back which is usually anywhere from between one and four weeks.  Often times they will require the money to be paid back when you get your next paycheck, which for most people, is within 2 weeks from when you get your checks cashed.

Here are some of the requirements for getting a check cashed at a check cashing service online or in person.  They need verification of your US citizenship and you need to be over 18 (sorry kids).  They also require a minimum monthly income and you also have to have a bank account (for them to deposit the money in).  Whether you have bad credit or not doesn’t matter, because they don’t run credit checks before offering you the cash advance loan.

Because these loans can have high interest rates, it is best to only get them when you really need them.  Sometimes they can be anywhere from 10%-30%!  Often times they just a require a post dated check, and they will take the money out of your account within the specified time frame.  make sure that you have money in the account or else you will have other fees tacked on and more interest.  That can affect your credit if the money isn’t in your account at the time of the post dated check.