Having a lot of credit card debts can be handy at first, but once you fall behind with payment, the harassing phone calls that perhaps no one will ever get used to will be right there with you as well. These harassing phone calls, occasional threatening letters and visits from several collecting agencies will never stop unless you make your credit card debt consolidation plan, and eventually, settle credit card debt for good.

Although many agencies will offer their services in credit card debt consolidation – and a free debt consolidation quote, no one knows your own debts more than you do – and no one cares more about it than you do.  So you are the best and the most trust worthy debt manager that you can get around the globe. In fact, even if you have asked a certain agency to make a credit card debt consolidation plan for you, still, you will be the one who would exert the most effort in the process.  You give them the details of your financial status, you pay them, and you implement the only thing that they did for you – your credit card debt consolidation plan.

The best and the easiest way to consolidate all of your credit card debts is by paying the rest of all your credit card debt using the secured or unsecured credit card with lowest interest rate that you have. However, do not pay off debts that you have on your credit cards all at the same time, because it will generally affect your credit scores; just pay your debts one a time.  If you even go into bankruptcy (let’s hope not!) you can even get credit cards after bankruptcy.

After this, all of your credit card debts are almost settled and you’ve done all it takes to fix bad credit that you might have, the only thing that you have to do is to control your spending impulses and avoid using your credit card for a certain period of time say, 6 months. For that time, use cold, hard cash for all of your expenses, and build your poor credit up to at least an average credit score.  From there you can focus on the right actions for eliminating credit card debt and to get a good credit score again. Make sure to keep a record of the way you spend your cash. Use that record as reference on how you should use your credit cards once all of them have been settled.  If you are having serious trouble managing your debt perhaps you should consider a company like Freedom Debt Management to assist you.