With our economy currently being in such a bad position, there are many more people who’s credit has plummeted due to massive amount of layoffs, a bad job market causing people to be unemployed for many months, overdue bills, and even bad mortgages which have hurt people’s credit.  Everyone is scared for the outlook of the US economy and many people are in trouble financially, especially when it comes to credit.

Because of all of these issues, there is an influx of people needing these services, heck, even I needed to repair my credit. There are companies online that collect these credit repair leads and sell them to individuals or companies in the credit repair business.  Often times, a credit repair lead is someone who has filled out an opt-in or a double opt-in form online or through the mail that indicates that they are interested in legal credit repair services.  These are exactly the types of leads you’ll want in your search for people with credit problems that need help.

Good luck trying to find free credit repair leads since those can equal a lot of money, there aren’t many people giving them away for free, if at all. These free leads for credit repair, if you can find some, will probably be really old lists, or even fake lists. It would probably be better for you to simply spend some money and buy fast credit repair or regular credit repair leads instead of dealing with free ones which will probably be useless and outdated.

Credit repair leads online have all different prices, so be sure to shop around not only to find great prices but solid leads too. You can also find companies that have general debt leads, short sale leads, loan modification leads and those may be worth checking out because people interested in those services will often have bad credit.