Do you have a bad credit score and you are looking to work towards good credit restoration? Maybe even a perfect credit score?  Are you constantly wondering “what can I do to repair my credit?”  Having a higher credit score can help you with renting a place, getting a mortgage, getting a car loan or other types of loans. Your first step is to figure out exactly how your credit score works, and then take the necessary steps to restore your credit score.  There are credit restoration companies out there, but there are many steps that you can take without hiring a company that sells credit restoration services. A credit restoration service should be the last resort.

One of the first steps you should take to restore credit and erase bad credit problems you might have is to order your credit report and your credit score. That way you will know what you are dealing with, and you can see the areas that you need to improve.  When I started the process to restore my credit, I noticed that there was an error in a tri merge credit report of mine that was negatively affecting more credit score. I called the lending agency who improperly reported something, they fixed the problem, and within 2 months my credit score went up, simply from that one little error. I still had a lot to do on the road to restoring credit, but that was definitely a good start.

If you have any accounts that are past due, you need to pay those off right away if you can, and get them up to date. Those are hurting your credit score, and if you want to be restoring your credit, you won’t be able to until those are completely up to date. It may take a while still until those delinquencies age, but it’s definitely the first step to a better credit score.

If you have any rental delinquencies, such as not paying your rent on time, those may take a little bit more time to age. Just like any debt problems, you need to make sure you pay back any missed rent, no matter how old it is, if it’s still showing on your credit report, it matters in your credit score.

Last but not least, you want to pay down any debts you have. You don’t have to pay them all off immediately, but getting your total balance below 50% of the maximum amount available to you on loans and credit cards, is the a key to having a better score and to fix bad credit issues you may have. Otherwise, companies think you that you overextending yourself.  And you’ll want to get a good credit mortgage loan when it comes time to buy your dream home – so having great credit is really worth it all around.

By following these tips you can answer the question yourself of “how can I improve my credit score“, you can avoid using a credit restoration company, and you can save the money that you need to pay off any more debts that you have and restore your credit today.