Are you avoiding the phone because you know it is a debt collector? Are you avoiding opening credit card statements because you have fallen behind and you just do not want to see the damage? Are you feeling completely overwhelmed with your financial situation? Do you need to find some quick debt relief? If so, a debt relief consolidation may be for you – though it is only one of many ways to help you figure out how to get out of debt.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a step back and realize that millions of Americans all over our country are struggling with the exact same financial issues as you. You are not alone. Our economy is suffering right now and we have needed to turn to credit cards to pay for the necessities. A lot of us have had to forfeit paying those credit unsecured loans and other bills all together because of either losing our jobs or being forced to accept reduced pay or hours, or both. The problem has been extensive the last few years and we are not feeling the brunt of the repercussions financially as individuals.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Contact a debt relief attorney to discuss the option of debt settlement and/or consolidation with a partial write off of your debts. You many be wondering if it is actually possible to write off debts? The answer is yes, in some cases. What does this mean? Debt consolidation is not a loan. It’s a way to combine all of your outstanding debts with lower interest, fewer fees and paying it all off with one low monthly payment that you can actually afford. Writing off a portion of the amount owed is, sometimes, a part of the process of debt negotiation and debt consolidation.  Many companies will also offer you a debt consolidation quote for free as a way to attract your business.  As always, buyer beware especially when it comes to dealing with credit and debt problems.

A debt consolidation attorney will call all of your creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate, which greatly reduces your monthly payments. Sometimes, they can even find a way to eliminate all of the fees that have been racked up over the time your accounts have been delinquent. By doing this, your debt can virtually be cut in half and that is much more than you could do on your own. Not only is your debt cut in half but it will also stop growing. The amount is now locked into place. All you need to do is to follow through every month on time and your debts will be cleared within just a couple of years. Once your accounts are paid in full, your debt consolidation lawyer will negotiate to have all of the negative accounts marked “paid in full,” which will help you to repair your credit. Debt relief via negotiation and consolidation is really a good way to get out of financial trouble quickly and repair the damage at the end of the process.

So are you in need of a debt relief consolidation? Are you ready to free yourself of the financial cloud that lingers over your head? Are you ready for those annoying debt collection phone calls to stop? Then look at your finances and see how much you can afford to spend and contact a debt settlement attorney to see how they can assist you to solve your debt problems today. It is the first step to regaining a promising financial future.