Easy to get credit cards and instant decision credit cards are to be found everywhere, even in a bad economy.  If you want an easy to get credit card, it certainly will be easier of you already have  an excellent credit score already.  If you’ve got a decent amount of money then always settling credit card debt every bill cycle will be easy for you too.  A secured credit card is the easiest credit card to get for most people.



A secured card differs from an unsecured credit card in that it is secured by a deposit you make.  Generally, the minimum amount for these deposits is $200.  You must deposit this along with your application, and you will receive your credit card shortly after processing.  The credit limit will be as high as your deposit in most cases, but some credit card institutions only will give you half or less.

Easy to get business credit cards

These are the same as personal cards for the most part – go with a secured card.

Easy to get store credit cards

If you are looking for store credit cards, look in department stores; they are generally easier than other retail store cards to get. Be careful in picking the easiest credit card to get, it might not be the right one for you.

Easy to get student cards

A lot of places give out student cards, which are the easiest to get.  A quick search in Google will tell you all the different cards available – though you should take your time to sort them all out and find which are the best college student credit cards.  Those who have connections with the military have the best and easiest card to get through the United Services Automobile Association (USAA Federal Savings Bank).

Going back to secured credit cards, Orchard Bank has arguably one of the best ones.  It’s interest rate is high, but they approve virtually everyone who applies, and this card will be used to build credit.  You can increase your limit with this card by depositing more.  After 18 months of excellent payments, you can request this card be converted into an unsecured one, and your money will be refunded to you.

FPT Recommended Easy-to-Get Credit Cards by Your Credit Type

GOOD CREDIT: consider getting a new or additional rewards credit card by clicking here – as it should be easy for you to get.

BAD CREDIT, REBUILDING:  you will want to consider rebuilding your credit with a secured credit card, just click here.

BAD CREDIT, NO REBUILD: If you have bad credit, and aren’t concerned about rebuilding credit, but want some rewards features then a prepaid credit card might be what you are looking for.

Bank of America also has good secured cards which will convert to unsecured cards after a year.  Their interest is a bit higher, though, than Orchard Bank’s.  However, the great thing about Bank of America is their 99/500 card.  You cannot apply directly for this card; you have to first apply for an unsecured card and get denied.   If you don’t get denied, then don’t worry, you already are getting a better card!  After denial, Bank of America will give you an offer for their 99/500 card, which is a partially secured card.  You must deposit $99, and you will receive a $500 credit limit.  This is an excellent intermediary card to have if you are coming from a secured card.

If you know someone having issues with bankruptcy and might need help with a credit card, check out our post credit cards after bankruptcy.

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