It is common with the downturn in the economy for many people to want to invest their money an ETF (exchange traded funds) or stock that is stable.  One of the solutions to this problem is to invest in an energy ETF.  They are one of the most popular commodities in the stock market world.  In addition to traditional energy sources such as coal, natural gas, oil, and gas, there is also alternative energy ETF.  In the past, these were a gamble.  However, clean energy ETFs are no longer a gamble.  They are popular with many people’s morality and are also paying off because of the recession economy.

Of course, any of the energy ETFs are going to work to your advantage compared to all the other ETFs, like a silver ETF or copper ETF, a financial ETF, an inverse ETF, a water ETF or any type of exchange traded fund, really.  In particular, the wind energy ETF tends to be the best.  The main reason for this is that there is always wind.  There is also an abundance of areas in the country where that this is feasible.  Plus, once the wind turbine is in place, it is only a matter of time before the profits role in.  In the past, there was a problem with these types of alternative energy ETF.  This was mainly due to the fact it was a new engineering feat and difficult to maintain and repair.  These days are over.

Amongst other renewable energy ETFs, there is also a lot of money to be made by solar energy.  Solar energy ETFs are also a very stable stock to invest in.  Thankfully, vanguard energy ETF portfolios can now be created by adding alternative energy stocks.  A vanguard ETF of course, can only be purchased through a broker.  In the past, these green energy etf options were only available from the company itself.  Opening up to the general energy ETF list means that their stock is more widely available to everyone.  It also means that it can easily be traded from one portfolio to another.

As always, nuclear energy ETF is available and plentiful.  However, many people find that alternate energy ETF is more close to their hearts.  People everywhere are trying to make this planet a better place.  For this reason, nuclear energy is falling out of favor.  Consumers and citizens feel that if they ignore nuclear energy, it will just go away.  However, nuclear energy is a very stable stock to buy.  If you are thinking of options for stabilizing your energy based stock portfolio, you may find that nuclear energy is perfect.  Don’t be surprised if your green stock broker objects.  Some consumers feel that nuclear energy is better than oil, coal, or the like.  In the end, the choice is yours.  Choose wisely!