When it comes to getting out of debt now, there really isn’t any magic bullet that will work for every single person. If you’re struggling with debt, please understand that you’re not alone.

The recession that we find ourselves in has taken much out of not only families like yours but even many businesses that thought the good times would continue forever and ever. What I want you to understand is that there is hope in your situation. Even if you’re up to your eyes in debt, getting out of debt soon is a real possibility.

However, if you expect to get out of debt, you must understand that it’s going to take work. It’s going to take a change of habits. It’s going to take a commitment on your part. It’s not going to happen all by itself.

If you’re looking for a one size fits all solution where your debt disappears by magic, you should go to another website because you’re looking for fantasyland. It took certain habits to get you into debt. It took you time to get you into debt.

And, it’s going to take time and new habits to get you out of debt.

Before I offer some tips and direct you to strategies on getting out of debt, let me fast forward to what you’re going to need to do once your debt is gone. As a matter of fact, you must develop the following mindset I’m going to bring to you as you you’re paying off debt if you ever expect to stay out of this trouble in the future.

Realize that although you need to be disciplined to get yourself out of debt, it probably takes even more discipline in order to stay out of debt. Unless you develop within yourself a chief aim to keep yourself out of this situation again, you’ll most likely end up back in debt.

It’s up to you to make the decision to make all this happen for yourself. Whether you’re in debt or it’s all paid off, it all first comes from decisions you make and then actions you take.

In my mind, people on the whole have been brainwashed to accept debt as “normal”. This benefits the credit card companies very well, doesn’t it? If you choose to eliminate this financial poison from your life, you can begin to live a very different existence… a free existence.

The simplest way to avoid credit cards is to stop using them. Granted, there are certain purchases in our society that require a credit card. Paying the balance each month as opposed to leaving a balance is the responsible way to use these cards, though.

You may be asking if this means you need to cut back on spending. It sure does. It also means that if you follow this advice, you’ll no longer overspend. People, in general, have become so used to overspending and the credit card companies laugh all the way to the bank as they profit on the interest payments.

Think about this…if something you want to buy isn’t in your price range at the moment (notice I said, “at the moment”), then how in the world do you think that you can afford all the future credit card payments you’re setting yourself up for if you put it on credit? Understand that you’re getting in over your head if you need a credit card to purchase stuff, even if it feels good to go and get it.

The key to this entire concept is to think in terms of cash…you know, actually having the money to buy something! If you don’t have the money to buy it right now, stay away from it. Put what you can aside and wait until you have saved up enough to do it right.

Once you’ve become successful at getting out of debt, what do you think you’ll be doing with the money you used to spend on monthly credit card payments? If you don’t have a financial plan, you’ll probably blow it all. What you really need to do once you’re out of debt is to keep spending as much of those old payments as possible…right into your very own savings account!

Once again, I’ll say that only you can decide to do what’s right for your successful financial future. How are you going to react when you’re in a store the next time and you want something that’s beyond your financial reach at the moment? Will you pull out a credit card and start the madness all over again, or will you save toward it…or decide that you really don’t need it?

In the end, your actions will reveal how serious you are about this process of getting out of debt and staying out.

I encourage you to remember how you’re feeling right now as you look at all those debt statements and make better choices in the future. When it comes to your financial success, the credit cards are the enemy. They have you enslaved now. Get out of that enslavement and then never go back again.

The writer of this article Craig Audley is a finance and PPI Claims specialist.