If the time has come to seriously reassess your finances or your living situation has changed, now might be the time to find a suitable remortgage company. There could be any number of reasons you may look at refinancing your mortgage, but first you need to find to find the right people to work with.

When you are putting your livelihood in the hands of someone else you need someone you can trust without question. Often when choosing a lawyer, doctor, school or bank we take into serious consideration the advice of our family and friends. People close to you that you trust are without a doubt the best place to seek this sort of advice. Not only do they have first hand experience themselves, but they also know you and your situation so can make an informed decision about what they believe is best for you. You are more likely to be open and honest about your expectations and needs with close family and friends than you are with others, they do know you best. Ask them about their experiences, good and bad. Can they recommend any specific remortgage specialist to deal with directly? What sort of service or help have they received during hard times? This can be some of the most valuable information you’ll find when choosing a company that offers remortgages.

Start doing some research online. This can be time consuming as you may be overwhelmed by the number of companies out there who can offer mortgage services. Start with the remortgage companies that have been recommended to you by friends and family. Search for service reviews or feedback from customers on websites other than their own. There is often a lot of service and credit rating scores that financial institutions can obtain so see if they have any of these, then look into what they had to do to achieve these results. Browse their own website and see what they can offer someone in your specific situation. Often they have remortgage calculators you can use for free to get an idea of repayment amounts and mortgage terms. Compare their interest rates and range of services with other companies you are looking into. Finally make a list of pros and cons for each remortgage company and a list of questions you’d need to ask them before proceeding any further.

Lastly make enquiries via their website, customer service line or book an appointment to sit down with them face to face. Ensure you have a clear outline of your needs and wants from them before sitting down. Be a little hesitant about giving out too much information with regards to social security numbers, bank account numbers until you are confident they are the ones you are going to work with. Meeting face to face is the best idea before doing this as unfortunately there are some cowboys out there. Try not to make any concrete decisions on the spot. Take away some reading material or notes you’ve made during your initial meeting to compare the different companies you’ll be meeting with. Discuss with your partner, friends or family to get their input too. Another pair of eyes never hurts when making these big decisions, especially if you are going it alone. Finally, make the call who you want to remortgage with!

It may take a little research and a little time to find the best remortgage company to work with, but considering the terms of most mortgages you’ll be dealing with them for possibly many years to come, so ensure you are making a sensible, well informed decision to get the best results.

If you are currently renting in the UK, you may want to consider trying to procure a cheap buy to let mortgage, depending on your immediate financial situation.  Certain lenders offer these, or you may be able to set something up with your landlord.

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