There are an incredible range of investment options, and the foreign exchange market is undoubtedly one of the most popular. It’s very different to other methods, because it’s often far more fast paced, easier to manage and can be done anywhere. The recent release of mobile trading applications for smartphones and tablets has hugely increased the flexibility of trading foreign currencies.

Many brokers now offer these applications, which offer impressive functionality while you’re on the move. You can have complete control over your trading account wherever there’s an internet connection, and this means you never have to miss an opportunity. And that’s what forex is all about. Especially with short-term forex trading strategies, new opportunities can present themselves by the minute or second, so always having one eye on the markets means that you’re always poised to take advantage.

If you have economic news updates delivered by email to your phone, then you can effectively use them in conjunction with a mobile trading platform to get a really good impression of the market, and if confident, make trades.

One of the most popular uses of these kinds of applications is to manage any open positions when you’re away from the desk. It’s difficult to always watch what’s happening, and while loss mitigation tools such as the stop loss are helpful, they aren’t completely effective. If markets move against you, apps allow you to quickly identify the issue, and close your positions if necessary.

As with all types of investment, there’s no substitution for having a comprehensive trading station which contains all of the resources that you need. The current range of apps are not quite this advanced yet; primarily they are for keeping an eye on prices and monitoring your position, but in this day and age they are fast becoming essential. They’ve got a good range of chart options and indicators, and you can zoom right in to look at very detailed snapshots of data. The main downside is that the screen on many smartphones is too small to display everything you might want at once.

If you’re looking for new investment options, then consider that the fast-paced nature of forex might be for you. If you already trade foreign currencies but don’t use mobile applications, then it’s certainly something you should try out.  Contract for difference and spread betting apps are the most popular.

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