Hello and welcome to the first edition of FPT’s Investing Blog Carnival.  Lots of interesting tidbits and tips about investing.  So let’s get started!

Forex investing has gotten a bad rap over the years, but the truth is that investing in the forex markets is a legitimate way to strengthen your portfolio. Knowing that there are inherent risks involved with any type of investment is the key to realizing that due diligence should be executed when researching any potential opportunity.

Forex investments can be risky, but also very lucrative. Critical skills are needed to profit in this highly competitive investment landscape, but these skills can be acquired through education, training and practice trading utilizing virtual (demo) accounts from the right broker. When you invest in forex with a solid strategy – there is money on the table for those who can follow a system, control their emotions and practice good money management methods.

Disney World, Sea World, and even Universal Studios.  All great theme parks in a great area.  It’s no wonder that the service industry provides the majority of jobs for Central Florida, but have you ever considered Orlando FL investment property?  That service staff always needs a place to live, which means you have a constant supply of tenants.

The list of reasons to invest in real estate in Panama is a long one. The country is stable, secure and growing faster than its regional competitors. Property prices are far lower in Panama than in the US or Canada and a range of tax incentives and benefits are available. The current President is well liked in investment circles and has done much to put Panama City on the global financial map.

If you were told that you could get free money in the form of a real estate grant that you would never have to pay back, what would you say? Nothing is free these days but if you are looking for a down payment on your mortgage, help towards the closing costs for your home purchase, or money to refurbish your home and then you could qualify for real estate grants.

If you read books and websites that write about the stock market for beginners, you’re taking an important step in learning about the stock market, buying stocks and selling them for returns. Research and knowledge to find good stocks to invest in will help you tremendously as you begin to invest your money in the stock market – because we all want to make the best investments we can in our portfolios!

If you want to find new investment ideas, you need to learn to invest money in a variety of vehicles, including some you haven’t used before.  Examples might be commodity ETFs, emerging market index funds, corporate bonds or currencies.  You can track these investments using a virtual trading account until you are comfortable with your ability to successfully add these to your portfolio to improve diversification.

Every year millions of people decide to claim bankruptcy, yet most of them know little about the many alternatives that exist. At Claiming Bankruptcy, we provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your financial future.

Have you been thinking about buying investment property for a long time? Have you read all the books and watched all the infomercials, but just didn’t know where to start?  Here are some quick steps to get you started toward your investment property dreams –> So You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor

A Roth IRA is the best investment you can make to set up a great retirement. There are so many advantages to them, including the ability to take money back out before retirement if you happen to need it. A lot of people do not know the Roth IRA facts and that may be the reason they do not invest this way. Be a smart investor and learn about them today.

And so we complete the First Edition of FPT’s Investing Blog Carnival!  Hope you enjoyed it.