When I first found out about credit sesame, I couldn’t believe it. Free credit reporting? No way! What’s the catch. There is no catch really, it is free, you will have to put up with a bit of advertising – they have to make their money somehow. For a free credit report each month, seems worth it to us.  Along with that you’ll get an analysis complete financial picture.  So I signed up for it and gave it a trial myself.  I had my credit score in a matter of literally 3 minutes, just as long as it took me to sign up.  I’m glad to say I was pleased with my score it was on the high end – as I’ve put a lot of effort and good payment practices in place into maintaining a great credit standing.

So how does Credit Sesame work?

You get an in-depth analysis of your entire financial portfolio along with free credit reporting (yes still hard to believe). Credit Sesame analyzes your loans, credit, mortgages, credit card debt and give you a free credit score, home value data, debt to income ratio and whether your debt is optimized.

Suggested Loans – Only Ones You Can Get, No Tricks

You can also apply for loans suggested by Credit Sesame if you need any that you can qualify for, but you’re certainly not required to do anything. They won’t waste your time showing you loans you can’t qualify for, because they will have your information on hand for your financial picture.

Of course everything is secure 128-bit SSL encryption with 2048 bit keys – which is the defacto security standard for banks and financial institutions.

Click here to get started with free monthly credit reporting and financial/debt analysis from Credit Sesame.

I was happy to see my credit in good standing, it made me feel a bit more secure.  Credit Sesame is definitely a useful and easy-to-use tool to help you on with your financial planning goals in terms of credit score reporting.

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