The majority of people in this day and age are affected by the same problem, and it’s a big one. The degree of the problem can vary a lot but nevertheless it can be extremely hard to rid yourself of. The problem is debt. At Freedom Debt Management is offering consumers some much needed help.

The website provides free of charge services. This alone is a big draw card for those already struggling with their bills. Debt consolidation companies and consultants can sometimes charge fees which clearly are only adding to their clients problems. Having a not for profit organization providing the same services seems a like an easy choice to make.

Services available through Freedom Debt Management range from budget counseling to help with debt consolidation. A free online debt evaluation is only a click away on their website and helps people to diagnose possible problems. Having the results from the evaluation can help their consultants quickly find the appropriate solution for you. Their online calculator is another tool where you can input your total debt amounts and interest rates to see in black and white what that debt is actually costing by the time it’s repaid. This is something that’s never made clear during the application for the credit.

The website has a wealth of information on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The idea is to educate people on their rights with regard to hounding creditors. People all too often incur unnecessary harassment from banks, credit card or finance companies. This information can help you put an end to that.

This is a company that is hoping to not only help people get rid of their existing debt faster, but to educate as well. It’s no secret that basic budgeting skills are not taught even these days and they seek to remedy this. Budgeting advice as well as advice on seeking finance in the future is readily available on their website. Their consultants can also provide more in-depth information along with customized solutions for their clients.

Freedom Debt Management helps you on getting out of debt faster while at the same time begin repairing your credit rating. The services they provide are not new to the market, but the fact they are providing them free of charge while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is great news for those with unwanted debt.