With the unemployment rate in the nation the highest in recent memory many out of work people are starting their own businesses. If you are working for yourself and need a self employed loan there are options available to you.

Now we all need money to do anything in this world so before you start applying for loans you should figure out what you need the funds for. If you are an already established business then getting the funds takes a different approach compared to just being a brand new start up.

Even the term self employed can mean anyone who works on a commission basis such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers the lists goes on. For the sake of simplicity we will work on the premise that everyone who does not receive a salary or fixed wage is self employed.

When you are applying for a loan the lender will want to know what the loan is for. Is it for personal or business use? This is something you must address before taking on a loan. Since you are self employed you need to be able to account for what are personal transactions and which ones are business related. For example if you purchase a car is it solely for work or personal use or both? These can have tax implications which we will not go into detail right now.

The lender will need to review your credit report as well to make sure that you meet the underwriting criteria for the loan. It is always good to check your credit report frequently to ensure the information is accurate. Any information that is not correct can adversely affect your credit so a little due diligence now can save you hassles later.

Many large lenders are now seeing the potential in the self employed loan market and are making products available for it. A few years ago it was very difficult to get a loan for the self employed but it is becoming easier as big lenders realize that these clients are very responsible.

Your chances of successfully getting a loan improve when you have all your financial documents ready for presentation to the lender. Some lenders just want to see the last two years income tax assessments while others want a more comprehensive review of your financial situation. Since the income tax assessment shows the taxable income of the person and most self employed people write off a tremendous amount of tax deductions the only way to know the true income is looking at all the financial documents.

When looking for a self employed loan you can always speak with your financial institution or shop online. The loans available are become more easily accessible as the economy recovers and you can do your part by shopping around for the best deal. When taking on any new debt you must be certain you can service it since self employed income can have peaks and valleys planning for this additional debt will allow you and your finances to flow easily.

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