If you are entering into college, or if you are already attending, you may be looking for ways to fund your education. A lot of students don’t have college funds, or their parents aren’t able to pay the high costs of continuing their education. If you do not qualify for grants, and have already applied for scholarships, you may want to look into student loans or loans for the unemployed people. If you are a typical student you have little to no credit, or perhaps you may have bad credit. This is going to make it difficult to find a lender that is willing to give you a student loan, especially with no cosigner and no credit check.

The Stafford loan is a student loan given out by the United States government. There is no credit check or cosigner needed to apply for this loan. If you haven’t already done so, you are going to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can do this by either going online to the website, or also by visiting your high school counselor or universities financial aid office. Once you have filled this out, they will tell you what grants you qualify for if you qualify for any, and then you will be able to apply for the government funded Stafford no cosigner student loan. You will also have a fixed interest rate, and you wont have to start paying on a Stafford loan until after graduation.

Private financial institutions such as banks and credit unions rarely offer student loans without a credit check. If you were some how able to find one, the interest rates and fees would more than likely be very high. Avoid all payday loans and check into cash businesses, even though they will give you money, you can end up paying double to quadruple what you borrowed. Student loans without credit checks are nearly impossible to come by unless you apply for the government funded Stafford loan. Try to research into some scholarships that you may qualify for and also make sure that you have applied for all of the grants you could possibly receive to help finance your education. Borrow responsibly, you don’t want to graduate from college with the burden of huge debt.