So many of us are trying to tighten our purse strings and cut back on spending as much as we can. As we all know, buying in bulk is a great way to lower some of our costs. But the problem is, what do you do with all these excess products when you’ve got them? It’s an issue many people face, especially those of you who live in modern housing, as properties often have very little in the way of storage space when it comes to kitchens.

One really useful way of solving this storage issue – and one I’m a big fan of – is clubbing together with my friends and relatives. This solves the problem of storing what you’ve bought, as it’s split between a few people and they can all take some of the items home with them. What’s more, if you’re splitting the purchase between a few people, you’re also dividing the cost. This means you get the benefits of lower prices because you’re buying in bulk, but you don’t have to foot the whole bill or end up with cupboards full of the same item.

This method is particularly good if the products are quickly perishable. You may be able to buy meats in bulk that will go off fairly quickly. Although they can be frozen, you’re then faced with the problem of trying to find enough room in your freezer for all the extra products. So, by teaming up with friends and or family you can still pay the cheaper price but not end up wasting food.

You should also help each other out – if you spot an offer you don’t really want, don’t just keep it to yourself. It might be something a friend or family member needs and they’ll go on to return the favour if the same thing happens to them.

These kind of offers are great if you’re holding a party or hosting a barbecue. When grocery shopping, you can buy the food in bulk and if you spilt the cost, anything left over can then be divided up among the people who contributed. Again, this means you’re cutting individual costs without ending up with piles of unwanted food.

Buying things in bulk might seem like extra effort when you could just head down to your local supermarket to get what you need, but when you actually look at the savings you could make you might be pleasantly surprised. The recession means many of you might be counting the pennies and this is a great way to give your bank balance a helping hand.

What do you do to get the most out of money saving offers?

Jane Pritchard is a freelance writer specialising in providing the best money-saving offers and deals for everything from chef whites clothing to henry hoover vacuum cleaners.

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