It has definitely been a busy couple of months in the graphene industry. Money seems to be pouring into the research centres of the major universities and increasing numbers of major, multinational companies are pinning their colours to the mast of this latest scientific wonder.

I’ve been following the development of graphene for the last 18 months and, without any doubt, I can say that the industry is finally starting to look highly investable. For a long time, investors have been waiting for a method of production that will take this miracle material out of the laboratory and onto the high street shelf. The wait is now over.

For those unfamiliar with graphene, the story is basically one of the most exciting tales to emerge from the often esoteric world of science. Discovered nearly a decade ago in a laboratory in Manchester, what began as a slither of carbon atoms on a strip of scotch tape slowly became known as the strongest and most conductive material known to man; and if that’s not enough to impress then consider the fact that Graphene currently holds more records in the world of materials science than any other single substance; it is truly a world beating wonder.

So, graphene holds a lot of promise. As a material it has no peer. It’s ideal for manufacturing, for the composites industry, for medicine, for the electronics industry, and for the energy industry. It is widely thought to have the potential to transform the world in which we live and is likely to be incorporated into all manner of products across a very wide range of business sectors.

Industry has been waiting for the production methods that will be able to meet supply and now this final part of the puzzle has been solved. Two major companies are poised to ramp up production in the coming months and with that movement to production investors can expect the beginning signs of profit.

The first of these companies, Grafoid, is a medium sized graphene producer in Canada closely linked to the mining company Focus Graphite. Currently a private company, it has long been expected that they will be floated on the stock exchange in the summer. If the placement goes according to schedule you should expect to see the share price reflect the demand for this highly desired material.

Second of the duo is a company that has, in the last couple of days, announced a change of name to reflect the expected demand tsunami. The soon to be Graphene Nanochem is already listed on the AIM market under the name Biofutures. It’s a UK company thatholds the rights to a chemical process known as Catalyx, which uses catalyst technology to extract graphene from biogases (such as methane).

Low-cost graphene production is finally here. Investment in graphene is about to get exciting.

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