In a land not so far from here, a long time ago, man didn’t know the simple pleasures of life.  Living in layers of petticoats and resting from a day’s labor on a hot feather bed was what people knew and understood.  You were considered to be living in the lap of luxury if you had a carriage with a covered wagon or carriage and had a few good horses and mules to call your own.

Regardless of your wealth status, your occupation or your location, you had no real way of cooling yourself in the summer unless you lived near a cool mountain stream and in the winter, warmth came from heated coals and fireplaces.

Even though these methods of heating and cooling are still just as effective today, we were lucky that electricity was introduced and people throughout history were brave enough to experiment until an electric powered cooling system was developed.

Take it Down a Notch

The air conditioner we know and love today started out as a box with cloths, cooled with melted ice water and a fan overhead.  This contraption was used frequently for only a few months because of the massive amounts of ice it took to cool the room.  However, when using these massive amounts of melted ice (up to half a million pounds of ice a month), the room could be cooled by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quit Melting the Ice!

Fortunately for us, it didn’t take long for this concept to catch on and for a young enthusiastic inventor to come up with an even more efficient cooling system which used cooled coils to reduce both heat and humidity in a room.  Furthermore, this machine was able to adjust humidity to suit the needs and wants of the household or store owner.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  After this model of the air conditioner, it became a growing sensation.  First it was found in shops, warehouses and offices, followed by hospitals and homes.

However, because of the toxins and large nature of the first air conditioner model, it wasn’t widely distributed and was highly priced.  It wasn’t until almost 20 years after this first model that a safer, more efficient and cheaper priced model was made.

This model was produced and sold to train cars, movie theaters and other public arenas in the hopes that the sensation would catch on and sales would soar and they did.

Now, especially in the desert regions of the west and the hot and humid conditions of the south, summer days would be miserable without the aid of this “cool” invention. Even so, many of the models use today can severely run up your electric bill.  Fortunately, the heating and air conditioning, Utah based company, Harris Air, can provide you with greener systems that will not only work for your entire house, but will keep your energy costs down while keeping the environment clean.