It is imperative to understand what debt collectors can and cannot do so that you can find relief from any collectors hounding you about your debts. When you get into a situation where your debts are overruling your life you must take control and seek debt relief to make certain your pain ends. However, it can take a bit of time to decide if debt consolidation, credit counseling, or another form of debt relief is best.

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act was set up by the government to make certain that all citizens are protected under the fair debt act with regards to debt collections abuse. Collection agencies tend to be very abusive when they are trying to get money. There have been a few that even threaten and call up to a hundred times a day. The FDCPA was created in 1978, but the new millennium has required changes to the act. With the mortgage crisis the act was examined to determine what changes could make debt collection better. Now debt collectors are restricted to calling during working hours, calling the home number not the work number, and they may only call once a day to remind the debtor of their outstanding sum.

There is a huge worry now despite some of the changes to the debt collections act. Debt relief used to be simple along with debt collections because we didn’t have the technology now available to us. With Facebook and Twitter there are definitely more ways to get into contact with a debtor by a debt collection agency. Anyone who uses the online world will have a footprint they leave behind, which can be tracked.

There have been complaints and a few lawsuits against companies where a debt collector tried to contact a debtor through social media. It is an issue because some of the people using social media do so by adding people they may not know. They may add a person for a game and find out that it was actually their debt collector trying to get a bead on them through social media.

If you have a debt situation where you need a form of debt relief, do not add people to your contacts you do not know. It is far better to make a list of friends that you know well and keep them as the only friends on Facebook and Twitter. This will keep you from getting into a situation where debt collectors try to target you through social media.

It is also in your best interest to speak with credit counselors to seek a solution to your debt problem. Once you have settled on debt relief programs or debt relief solutions, you may find collectors contact you less. If they do not just let your debt relief agent handle the collector. You shouldn’t avoid the collector completely, but make certain they know a solution is being looked for and that you are taking responsible action. It may not help, but at least you have a recording that you are seeking a solution.