Insurance is one of those things that if you have it, it probably won’t need it. But if you don’t have it, you’ll need it for sure. This rule especially applies to car insurance. Monthly car insurance payments can be sky high depending on your driving record; they usually depend on a number of different factors that you may wish to consider if you are having trouble making your current payments.

Call and discuss your car insurance policies with your insurance companies to see if you can get more affordable car insurance policies. Tell them you are having trouble with the repayments and are looking around for the best deals. If they think you may be taking your business elsewhere they may try and secure you as a customer with a discount on your premiums. Maybe not – but it’s worth a try! Ask them how they have arrived at the figure they are charging you. Could there be any discount if you paid your insurance as a lump sum annual bill instead of monthly?

Can you arrange other insurance such as home or contents insurance to take advantage of special package deals and discounts? Is the fact that your car is parked outside instead of in a garage overnight increasing your monthly car insurance? If necessary you could probably reduce the coverage on your car to reduce your payments however think about this seriously before you do. Always consider the worst case scenario when it comes to insuring something such as your car. There is nothing worse than loosing your car only to find your insurance payout is not enough to replace it.

Do exactly what you’ve told your current insurance company and shop around. Seek quotes from other insurance providers and let them know you are thinking about moving your business elsewhere. They may have special sign up deals or offers that could apply to you. Ask them also how they arrive at the figure they would be charging you monthly. Do this with several insurance companies and ask around your friends and family for recommendations on good providers. It’s not only insurance companies that can offer insurance, often also banks and automotive associations.

If you’ve shopped around and still can’t find something cheap – whether family, male or female car insurance, over 60 car insurance, etc – its time to seriously reconsider the car you are driving. If you are not offered reasonable premiums then chances are you are driving a car that is considered of high risk concerning theft or damage. Perhaps a change of car is required until your income will allow for the higher premiums. It could be a case that because of your age or previous driving record you are subject to high premiums. Unfortunately there is little you can do in these cases except shop around for the best deal and wait it out. Your car insurance costs should decrease when you are over 25 or once your driving record is wiped clean after a certain period of time.

Factoring monthly car insurance into a tight budget can be difficult. If you know what to ask, and who to ask at least you can be certain you are getting the best deal you can right now.

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