For schools or organizations that want to make sure their students/employees are on the right track towards financial security and stability, bringing in an expert finance speaker to address them is a highly valuable opportunity that should not be passed up.

Many finance books touch on this subject, but it really is a shame that personal financial management is not taught in schools.  Young adults often enter the real world with little-to-no money management skills.  It is no surprise that so many people are in debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck even though many have great jobs that pay well.  Students can name the 50 capital cities with no problem, but few have any idea what a “401k” or “certificate of deposit” is.  Hiring a speaker who can educate your audience is one of the most time-efficient and informative ways to add to their financial prowess.

For a closer look at some finance speakers and their fees, head over to Google and search for it.  As you will see, the cost of hiring a speaker is not cheap.  But, as many who have hired speakers before can attest, the price is very reasonable when you look at all the value a finance speaker can provide for your organization.

But, what do finance speakers talk about?  How do I find the right speaker for my audience?

Personal finance speakers can cover all sorts of topics, depending on what you are looking for.  There are experts in every subject area imaginable: economics, business policy, financial markets, debt recovery, staying out of debt, and investing (to name a few).

If the crowd is going to be primarily teenagers and young professionals, the main topics you might want your speaker to talk about could be avoiding debt, starting a savings plan, and living frugally.  If the primary purpose of hiring a speaker is for your organization to educate its employees about personal finance, an expert in 401k’s, investing, staying out of debt, and living below your means might be just what you need.

There are hundreds of professional finance speakers; do your research beforehand and make sure that the speaker you want to book is the right one for your audience.  Make sure their fees are in your budget, check their background, and maybe even look for some sample videos online to get a feel for their speeches.  A speaker can be extremely valuable for your audience, but only if you hire one that has experience in what you are going to want them to talk about.

Guest Author Bio: Brian Klemm is consultant for Capitol City Speakers Bureau, a well-known speakers bureau in Springfield, Illinois.  The company has been connecting organizations and speakers for over 15 years.

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