We live in a “got to have it now” world. We see things on the television or in magazines and we immediately think that we need it. We are continually inundated with advertisements promising satisfaction if we only buy their product. However, this mindset can also lead to trouble. Most people turn to credit cards in order to fund this lifestyle. We have all heard the horror stories of people spending more than they make but yet we find ourselves in the same situation. It can be a tall challenge to get your head above water when trying to reduce debt or even eliminate it. By following the eliminating credit card debt tips like knowing how to negotiate with credit card companies, you may be able to tackle this enormous problem once and for all.

The first step in getting out of debt and settling credit card debt is to actually stop using debt in order to fund your lifestyle. Resort to paying cash for everything. Also, work on a written very detailed budget that you can live with. Stick to it even if it means eating out less. Finally, apply the debt snowball. What this means is lining up all our outstanding loans and start paying on the one with the smallest balance while paying the minimum on the rest. Once the smallest is paid off, start by attacking the next smallest and so on.

Another option for getting out of debt is what is called a debt consolidation loan – though not a recommended option if you can help it. This program allows you the borrower to roll all of your debt into one consolidated loan. With one payment to focus on, the thought is that you will be more likely to pay it off with a lot less stress. However, you must stop resorting to using debt in order for this to ultimately be successful.

A third way to legally eliminate credit card debt is to identify the contact information for all your creditors and begin to call in an effort to have your interest rate or your actual balance reduced – which would shrink minimum payment from month to month. You can try to negotiate credit card debt though it can be very frustrating and will require numerous calls and perhaps letters to be successful. Most companies ultimately want their money and promising to pay back a smaller amount may work.

This country has, in some ways, become way too comfortable with filing bankruptcy. It can be a valid approach but should be considered as the last resort. The far reaching effects of this approach will be felt for years to come and have an impact on your ability to do even some the more basic things in life. Buying your next house, for instance, will be a tremendous challenge due to the damage to your credit report as a result. With the major benefit of being out of debt the downside of damaged credit and lost assets is just too steep for most people. Think long and hard before committing to this process.

Finally, some ways of eliminating debt have more benefits than others while also minimizing the long term impact to your credit. It depends on your situation but be sure to consult professional financial planners for the extra guidance that is required for you and your finances. But most of all, be determined to use debt in a limited basis going forward.  You also should know that depending on your level – some of you debt may be forgiven by the credit card debt forgiveness act.

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