Wallets are one of those objects that tend to collect all sorts of random things. If your wallet is over-burdened with extra things that you no longer want or use then it is time to reorganize. Here are 3 tips to help you organize your wallet and get the most out of limited space:

  1. First get rid of the excess– The best way to organize your wallet is to start by getting rid of all the excess material and cutting the clutter. One way or another wallets tend to collect lots of things over time. If you haven’t been through your wallet in a while then it may be time to go through it and get rid of all the stuff you never use. If you have old business cards or a library card that you haven’t used in 20 years then there is no reason why you shouldn’t toss it. Freeing up extra space in your wallet will help you to get everything situated and reorganized. You’d be surprised at how many things you can throw out.
  2. Group by order of use– One of the best ways to organize your wallet is to stack everything in order of use. When it comes to organizing your credit cards you should put the one that you most use up front and the one that you should rarely ever use towards the back. This will help you not to overcharge and to keep better track of where your funds are going. In addition to ordering things by use, you should also consider finding a good place to display your driver’s license. Showing your ID can be a real pain if you have to dig through your wallet and take everything out in order to find it. Instead, try keeping it up in a display pocket so that you never have to remove it, and if you do you’ll know exactly where it is.
  3. Make a copy– In order to best protect yourself in case of loss or theft you should make a copy of everything that is in your wallet. If you have a document that includes a list of all the things in your wallet you it will make canceling credit cards and other memberships much easier. You can also include the emergency phone numbers on this list so that you don’t have any delay in calling the credit card companies. It may seem a bit tedious to make copies of everything but if the day ever comes that you lose your wallet, you’ll be glad that you did it.

Not only will your organized wallet be easier to navigate, but it will probably be lighter and take up less space. Do your pocket a favor and organize your wallet!

Archie Timmons writes for Valley Goldmine Denver.