Save for the rainy days, this is what our parents and our elders told us to do but until now, we seem to have not learned from our money issues yet because only a few people have savings accounts. It is important to have a savings account so that you have money to use during emergencies. However, if you already need money fast and you do not have anything saved up, here are some financial tips to get cash now without even leaving your house. All you need is a computer and Internet connection and you will be on your merry way.


EBay is a very popular site for people who want to buy and sell items, be it brand new or used. Take stock of all the things you have. Do you have any clothes, gadget or furniture which are doing nothing but collecting dust because you have not used them for a long time? If they are still in good condition, you will be able to sell them online and make some money. The good thing about EBay is no longer have to man the garage sale yourself. If you have an online garage sale you do not have to be present at all times to entertain potential buyers. You can go to work and still have your online garage sale open to everyone.


Do you talents in Photoshop? How about writing, video editing and animation? There are various companies today which are looking for freelancers. There are many places to go to if you want to make money using your talent and skills. E-lance and oDesk are two great examples of sites where freelancers and employers can connect with each other. This can help bring in additional money for your needs. oDesk, for one, is a site which you can join for free.

Take Online Surveys and Read Emails

There are many sites today which pay people to fill out questionnaires and surveys.  There are also hundreds of CEOs who need help with their emails since they do not have enough time to read each of them and respond. Most companies outsource jobs like this since they are very easy to do and you do not need advance knowledge in anything. You just need to speak English fluently and know how to type. When you respond to emails, the company will give you a format and this makes work a lot easier for you.

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