The bottom line here is – there is no 100% safe way to use online payday loans. There are some things than you can do to be a little more sensible if you seriously have no other option, but your best bet if possible, is to avoid them.

Firstly you must know the dangers of payday loans such as 30 day payday loans before you can realize how important it is to tread carefully. While a payday loan seems helpful and easy to get during an “I need money now” time, they are design to rope you into a never ending cycle of borrowing money. Think about it, if you are short of cash this week and get a payday loan, which of course you have to payback usually on your next payday, then you’ll be that much short again next pay, wont you? You need to think in advance about how you can realistically pay back the loan and get rid of it, otherwise you’ll end up caught up in that vicious borrowing cycle. If you are unable to make the repayment in full on your next payday you’ll pay for it with big penalty fees and interest charges that could surpass the amount you originally borrowed in the first place.

So now you know the biggest dangers, hopefully you can research another option to settle your financial troubles. However if you have decided to proceed with any number of online payday loans then here are some ways you can try to protect yourself aside from getting a payday loan consolidation.

First of all don’t borrow more than roughly 10% of your paycheck. This is a really rough estimate. This is generally the amount most people would have an expendable income that operate on a fairly good budget. What this means is that you may be able to pay back the amount of the payday loan as long as you cut right back on your luxury items for the following week. This means no going out for dinner or drinks, no takeaways or renting movies, no purchases that are not absolutely necessary – we are talking basic food items only. It will be a tough week but you’ll be able to say goodbye to the payday loan for good, it will be worth it.

Find something you can sell. We all have things around our home that we don’t use that have no sentimental value to us at all. Have a good hunt around your home and take something to a second hand store or list online to sell it. Just make sure it is nothing you’ll regret selling later on.

Ask your friends or family if they have any extra work you could do for them. Simply mowing someone’s lawns, babysitting or painting a fence could earn you the money to pay back your loan, or at least go towards it.

And of course if you are able to, take on extra hours at work. Overtime is such an easy and efficient way to earn more money quickly. What is better the money will be given to you in your pay, so just in time to repay your online payday loans without incurring any penalties.