Finding the right business conference venue can be more difficult than you might think, and the right choice of venue can make a big difference. The following factors can help you to make the right decision.


This should be considered carefully as it is perhaps the most important issue. Although a venue close to your place of work is undoubtedly convenient for you, it may not be for all the other people attending. A well chosen and convenient location will impress those attending and a good compromise is something in central to a major downtown area, close to major highways or public transportation.


Of course, the size of the venue will largely be determined by the number of people attending, although your guests may feel cramped and overcrowded in a venue that is too small. Your business meeting or conference may look as though half those invited did not show up, if you choose a venue that is too large, and striking the right balance with the size of the business conference venue is important.


Today’s conference guests expect to have the latest technology and facilities, and most modern venues provide LCD projectors, flip charts, stationary and Internet access. However, you should determine whether it is included in the package, or available at an additional charge. Contact the venue directly and ahead of time if there is some piece of equipment or other amenity that you will need.

Food And Drink

A venue that includes food and drink is recommended if your event will last the entire day, otherwise bringing food in from outside is an option if the venue allows that. Reserving the appropriate number of tables at a nearby restaurant is perhaps a last resort, but will also solve the problem.


Devising a budget and adhering to it is important, and of course cost is a huge consideration. Make sure you know what is included in your cost and what are considered as extras.


Accommodation may need to be provided for your guests, depending on the length of your meeting, and holding your meeting in a hotel will solve that problem.