Simplifying Life By Using Recycled Paper:

In the past, paper was manufactured by using recycled cotton and linen cloth rags. In fact, the first mill that made paper in North America in 1690 was actually a recycling mill. Paper makers developed a technique for making paper out of wood in the middle of the nineteenth century. The availability of cheap paper allowed communications and business to flourish. At that time, people thought of forests and energy as if they were limitless. The air and the water were viewed as something that could absorb a lot of toxins with no bad effects. Today we have very different views because we recognize that our resources do have limits. We are starting to accept the need for producing goods in an environmentally sustainable way. That is why it has become important that recycled paper is a crucial part of the global environment.

How Is Paper Recycled?

When paper is collected to be reused, it is first sorted. In most cases it will be taken to a place where the ink is removed from the pages. The fibers get sent to a machine for processing into paper.

To save money, it is a good idea to reuse paper that has been used.

Unfortunately most paper in businesses and homes is thrown out without becoming recycled paper. In a lot of cases, this paper has been treated with toners and adhesives that make it more difficult to recycle. A lot of recycling programs found that this paper had few markets.

Many governments and businesses now require that the paper they purchase contains some recycled papers as part of the manufacturing process. Still there is much room for improvement in the use of recycled paper.

Recycled paper today is greatly improved in quality compared to the quality two decades ago – just as with other office supplies like refurbished printer inks and toners. Today it is possible to buy recycled paper in any color, including bright white. The technical standard of recycled paper is very high. Even paper that contains thirty per cent recycled contend can perform as well as virgin paper. Copiers today can handle quality recycled paper with no problems.

Another tip, try buying in bulk to save some more money.