Penny Stock Tips like how to play the stock market are not good tips after all. Most of the time, they open the gates to failure and if you happen to take them, you will be traversing the road often traveled in online stock trading. With penny stock tips, you will already hear the thud even when the fall is yet to take place.

The point is, whether this kind of tips works or not, you are in for some serious concerns. If you want to be a wise trader, do not take tips right away especially when investing in gold ETF. Instead, do your own research. You have to know the person from whom the information is coming from. Take note that insider information is illegal, and just like anything illegal, it can throw you behind bars before you even notice it. Assume also that the informant is making all the information available so as to make you buy the stock. Like a usual salesman, he will promote his product by bringing in all the cool perks about it, and like any usual salesman, he will leave the skeletons in the closet. Doing research, though it is difficult and can take time, will help you see the not so good side and have an idea why the stock is on sale. This way you avoid the risk of acquiring stocks that are already on their way to crash down. Moreover, although some free tips do work fine, you should be wary of them.  Paid tips too may do you good, but it is suggested that you only consider them and not totally bank on them.

If most of the tips are fellows that cannot be trusted, what then should be done? You can use stock exchange software or stock option software but the best thing is to consult the track records, check on how they work, and compare the price they advise getting in with the one you will possibly have to pay to purchase the stock. Of course trading with the best online stock broker you can find will always be to your benefit for you and your portfolio.  A knowledge like this on tips allows you to act up on them in a way that you do not jeopardize either your investments, or yourself.