If you want to save thousands of dollars when investing in mutual funds, then choosing a no load mutual fund is one of the best things you can do.  The start things off, you should considering going to an investment club and joining.  The professionals there will help you to decide which mutual funds to get in with, and so you won’t have to worry about some of the problems and annoyances of a fund.  Usually you have to invest a minimum of $2000, but after that you can invest as much and how often you want.  Also, when you want to get your money out of no load mutual fund company you can at no charge to you.

The official no load mutual fund definition is a group of stocks that are managed by a company and invested in with the pool of money from people investing in the fund.  Essentially, you are minimizing your risks by investing in a lot of different stocks, usually of the same kind or often across different sectors, in order to minimize your risk even further.  If you find any no load mutual fund companies who are offering you a guarantee, go in another direction.  They are all using the same stock market, and those guarantees are usually filled with asterisks and small print which make them not much of a guarantee at all.

When it comes to load vs no load mutual funds, a load fund charges you a fee which pays for the board of advisers salaries.  These can usually be around 4% of the earnings.  On the other hands though, a no load mutual fund doesn’t charge that fee.  Some people wonder if a load mutual fund is better because they have people getting paid to manage it – that is definitely not the case.

When trying to determine what the best no load mutual funds are or the top no load mutual funds, you will want to look at the ratings and the return for multiple years, both individual and collectively.  While the 3-year earnings may look really high and attractive, you may notice that last year actually lost money.  Often times mutual funds will have a spectacular year that will skew the results for the 3-year averages and 5-year averages.

Do your research, find a company that you feel comfortable with, just like when buying stocks such as silver stocks. bonds or ETFs – like the silver ETF for example – you need to gather all the information that you can.  You might want to consider something low risk and income-based like a money market mutual fund account to balance your portfolio.  Whatever you decide to do, you can call them and get their no load mutual fund list, and you can compare them with other mutual funds and find the best one that suits your investments needs and how much you are willing to risk.