Are you in need of a fast loan but do not have the credit score to get one? Then a payday loan may be able to help you get out of your financial situation and help you get back on track with your bills. The Payday Loan Store (PLS) is one such business that offers cash now loans and 30 day payday loans.

The PLS is a company that is based in Chicago, Illinois that has been around since 1997. They have over 300 stores in nine states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Texas and Wisconsin. In addition to payday loans and auto title loans, they also offer vehicle registration sites, a check casher site, tax services and realty services.

Getting an instant payday advance is typically an easy process that does not require a credit check. All you need is a valid form of identification, a recent paycheck stub, your newest bank statement and a checking account. If you are employed full time with a steady income source, you are likely to be approved no matter what your financial situation. You can get a fast cash payday loan up to $2000 depending on how much you make. Usually, your loan is limited to 50% of your income. Before getting your loan, you must write a post-dated check fro the total amount of the loan and leave it with them as collateral until you pay the loan back. These loans are designed to be short-term and need to be paid off quickly.

The Payday Loan Store is an online payday loan business that offers the “Smart” Installment Loan which allows you to pay off your loan in five months. Of course, it will accrue interest during this time and you will have to pay that as well. To obtain a “Smart” Installment Loan, you usually only spend twenty minutes in the store and you will walk out with the cash immediately afterwards. Before leaving you must leave a post-dated check for the full loan amount as collateral. Then each time you make a payment, you must write out a new check for the lesser amount that is remaining on your loan.

You can also get an auto title loan which is similar to a payday loan. For this loan, the only things you will need to bring are a valid driver’s license, your vehicle title, your in-shape and average-kept vehicle and proof of income. The company will inspect your car and offer you a loan based on the car’s value and your financial ability to pay the loan back. Usually your loan will be limited to either 50% of your income or 50% of your cars total value and the total loan amount must be paid back in 60 days. The Payday Loan Store often, unless your state prohibits it, allows you can get both an auto loan and a payday loan at the same time.

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