Are you in need of an instant payday loan? Consider using Payday Loan Yes. They offer online payday loans serving most of the United States who prides themselves on providing fast loans between $300 and $1000 to 98% of the people who apply. That is right; they claim that only 2% of applicants get turned down.

The application process for any payday loan like a payday loan consolidation is very simple. They only require you to complete a single page form that should take you four minutes or less. Plus, you can do it all online. If you fill out everything properly and all of the information is able to be verified, you will get your cash as early as the next day after you are approved.

Paying back the money from one of these loans is simple. If you choose to only pay the finance charge, they will automatically debit that amount from your bank account on each payday. Keep in mind, you can only choose this option four times. If you want to make a partial payment to your loan, you just need to notify them at least three days before your payday and the amount you wish to pay and the finance charge will be automatically debited from your bank account. You can also opt to pay your loan in full on your next payday. Remember, if you want to pay anything more than your finance charge, you will need to contact the company at least three days before your payday to tell them your intent.

Since Payday Loan Yes requires no credit checks most people get approved, provided that they have sufficient proof of income, but there are some restrictions. Unfortunately, this company cannot help you if you live in one of the following states: Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Ohio or West Virginia. Plus, if you are an active or reserve member of any of the United States armed forces or a dependent of one, this company cannot help you.

While Payday Loan Yes is a great service within the payday loan industry that can help you get the cash you need quickly, it should be used carefully. Any quick loan such as a 1 hour payday loan or 30 day payday loans will have high interest rates, and this company offers no exception. A good rule to follow is, do not borrow more money than you can pay back with your next paycheck. By doing this, you will only have to pay the service fee for the loan and interest rates will not drain your income.

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