Between working, taking care of the family, preparing our food, exercising and the other endless tasks we place on our to-do lists each day, there is little time left to relax and do the things we enjoy. For the last month and a half I have been trying out my own life-hacking technique that has helped me save both time and money. Now, when you first hear this you’ll think that I have no idea what I’m talking about because at first glance it doesn’t sound like it will save you time at all, but hear me out please.

You can save time and money by making your means of commute a bicycle. Yes, ride your bike everywhere you go. Obviously if you have a long commute this may not be an option, but let me explain how this helps save time and money.

Can Riding A Bike Help Save Time?

It’s true that riding a bike may take longer to get you places; however, it will force you to be more efficient and a better planner. You’ll have to plan out your trips to cut out unnecessary stops at the grocery store during the week. You’ll need to plan all your errands on one day and in the best order to save you the extra work. I believe that we spend so much time rushing around trying to accomplish so much, but the luxury of a car allows us to be very inefficient with our time. Riding a bike can also save you time because you will be exercising as you commute allowing you to free up that time you normally would have blocked off for the gym. And lastly, you may have more time because the things that you would normally do with a car aren’t really necessary anyways. When you cut out impulse trips and unnecessary driving you’ll free up more time than you ever thought you could.

Save Money By Cycling

Why riding a bike saves money is a little more obvious so here are a few reasons:

  • You save the money you would have used on gas.
  • If you quit using a car altogether, you don’t have to pay for car maintenance or fees like insurance and registration.
  • There are less frequent trips to the store which means less browsing and less impulse buying.
  • You have to carry home your purchases making you decide if your purchase is a need or a want.
  • This may help you lose weight which will lower your grocery bill
  • You can double this as exercise and you can cut out a gym membership fees or exercise equipment costs.

Everyone’s looking for the easiest way to save money and time; this easy lifestyle change can help you save both and will help relieve stress in the process.